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Diagnosis & Testing SIBO Pro Mini course

NEW! The SIBO Pro Diagnosis & Testing Mini course
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The course includes:

  • 10 concise video lessons (3 hours total)
    • Key Diagnostic Indicators
    • SIBO Associated Diseases
    • SIBO Differential Diagnosis
    • Differential Diagnosis Testing
    • SIBO Testing Part 1 & 2 (what and how)
    • Lab Resources
    • Why Test & Retest
    • SIBO Test Interpretation
    • Interpretation Test Examples
    • Retest Examples & Testing Summary
  • 1 Live Small Group consult Q&A session
  • 4 Handouts
    • Screening PE/Questionnaires for: Traumatic Brain Injury, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Parkinson's

    • SIBO Testing Lab Resources

  • 2 Bonus Classes:
    • Substrate Research Update - Dr. Jason Hawrelak

    • Using FoodMarble's Handheld Breath Tester Masterclass - Dr. Josh Goldenberg

  • 6 Checklists
  • One Year Access
  • Professional, searchable transcripts of each lesson. 
  • Power point slides

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Diagnosis & Testing SIBO Pro Mini course

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SIBO Pro Course


Testing Mini

# of Lessons (hours)

96 (22 hours)

10 (3 hours)

Live Small Group consult Q&A Session with Dr. Siebecker

3 live Q&As

1 live Q&A

Access (Expiration)


1 Year 

Peer-reviewed published references



Bonus Guest Lectures: Substrate Research Update; FoodMarble Masterclass


Bonus Guest Lectures: SIBO research updates (Pimentel; Rezaie), Ileocecal Valve Syndrome Diagnosis and Treatment, Discontinuing PPIs, 1st & 2nd line Treatment Options (Ruscio; Jacobi), Essential Treatment Plan+Q&A, SIFO (Rao; Kapadia)



Checklist slides: Differential Diagnosis checklist (what it could be if it's not SIBO), Differential Diagnosis Lab Testing checklist, Underlying Cause Lab Testing checklist, Test Instructions/Prep checklist, False Negative checklist, Interpretation checklist

4 Handouts: SIBO Testing Lab Resources, Screening PE/Questionnaires for: Traumatic Brain Injury, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Parkinson's

13 Handouts: SIBO Symptomatic Relief Guide, SIBO Problematic Supplement checklist, Dr. Siebecker's Quick Start SIBO Diet Guide, Dr. Siebecker's SIBO Specific Food Guide, SIBO Treatments in Pregnancy, Lactation, Pediatrics, Dr. Siebecker's Homemade Elemental Diet Recipe, Rifaximin Insurance Pre-Authorization Checklist, Bismuth Thiol OTC and Rx Options and Dosing, Ginger Prokinetic Formulas

Searchable transcripts of each lesson

Powerpoint slides of each lesson

Course updates with new developments

20 hours of professional CME (continuing medical education - AMA PRA Category 1 credits™)

200 page Clinician's Desk Reference Guide

Private peer Google group for discussion and questions


SIBO Pro Course


Testing SIBO Pro Mini-Course


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